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Here is my backyard slope

        yesterday a was riding in my home moutain. Looks very good for just 5 minutes from my home. gonne be a expert in park [...]

indy grab

finaly some good pictures from hemsedal

    Some good pictures from Hollywood snowcamp in Hemsedal. Photo: Adam klingeteg is shoot some pictures   Some good pictures from Hollywood snowcamp in Hemsedal. Photo: Adam [...]


Snowboard tripp to Hemsedal.

  Snowboard and ski camp to hemsedal 1-4 december. We leaving sweden for norway and hemsedal 25 people join the tripp to hemsedal. Here is some pictures from [...]


Summer snowboarding in stryn

Good sun in stryn.   Shred up.   Thomas “Berra”  Berggren


Hollywood skii and snowboard camp pictures

  Here is some pictures from the tripp from stryn in norway.It was a  Long car ride to get here, The first day we have good weather in [...]

Lien tail combo

Skate session in Avesta.

Some skate pics from avesta.   /  Thomas “Berra” Berggren


Cruise skate pictures

  Here we have some cruise skate photos from my backyard. Rollling down to Falun city on my cruise board.   / Skate Mate,Thomas “Berra” Berggren


Here we have Crosscountry pictures, Jibbing on skis

    take my cross-country skiing and jibber in the closed ski slopes. Comming in video soon.   / Berra


Updates from Mr. Berggren.Kläppen boardercross action picture.

  I been riding qualifying-race in swedish championship . Its been a while since I competed in  boardercross, unfortunatly Iwent out in the first round.  Better luck next time. / Berra

Going to kläppen tomorrow and ride Swedish champion ship

  Tomorrow am leaving for kläppen and compete in boardercross. Gonne be fun to ride boardercross an looking forward to do my best. There has been a while [...]

Big jump clash of nation

Pictures from clash of nations, Lugnet Falun

    Good day in falun and good competion on this clash of nation . Here is some results from con from snowboarders. Lördagens Superfinal: 1. Simon Ax [...]

Gyllbergen, Svenska skidspelen 002

Old skiers with old googles in källvika

BS 180 melon

Pictures from Ulricehamn Spring Session

Some pictures from night photo session in Ulricehamn. Photos: Adam Klingeteg

blandat fam,snow 082

Starting this year with a handplant on a spine

Snowskate 005

Snowskates in Mini Mono Ramp

Mini mono ramp session in Falun

jul, 089

Christmas day is snowboarding in Källviken.

8848 fotosession 005

8848 photo session kläppen

Hemsedal Snowweek 055

Hemsedal shred weekend

Tommen is legendary snowboarder from Norway Peter is warming up for rail session Snowboard wax-school Hemsedal a weekend in december, we had a great time, thanks to all [...]

Here is some more good pictures from Hemsedal Snowweekend

Mr: Berra Berggren

Hemsedal Snowweek 016

Hemsedal Snowwekend 2-5 Decemeber

Some good pics from Hemsedal Snowweek. More willl come from this week. Best regards Thomas “Berra” Berggren

yooo 004

Hemsedal Snowweekend

Standing with the goodie bags stuff from the sponsors to snowweekend. 8848 is a proud sponsor for this ski and snowboard weekend in Hemsedal. More pictures will come [...]

Tärnaby 002

Back from tärnaby

Here is some pictures from tärnaby. Home of Ingemar Stenmark,Hampus Mosesson and Anja Pärsson.

famila 025

Young and old on 8848

Here is me and my daughter outdoors in dalarna wearing 8848 clothing. Im going upnorth this week to Tärnaby for shreddiing some snowboard for  a couple of days. [...]

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