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Summer so far

Hola! Time to update this blog and pictures gonna describe my summer so far: Working so I can travel a lot this winter Went over to folgefonna in [...]


Skate and snowboard

Me and my bro Alex went to Lindvallen here in Sälen for Some snowboarding, didn’t get any photos from that because the weather sucks here as you can [...]


One of the last days in Kläppen

Had a great day in Kläppen, filmed some stuff and did a competition. I won a season card in Kläppen for next year so if anyone wanna buy [...]



Spring shred in Kläppen right now! And the kids I’m training working hard!



Pictures from Kläppen black line Under construction!


Training day

Back in my apartment after a beautiful day in the slope. The picture is from the training this evening with som kids and Olle here in Lindvallen. They [...]


Gratulations to ma man!

Chillin at My bro felix crib before a beautiful dinner here in Lindvallen! Thank you and a late gratulation to you! 20 years old !



Having a great time in Bali with good company and weather and ye the beach and waves is so cool, surfing is very hard but fun! So fun [...]



Going down right now in tandadalen, salen!!


Testning 1,2..1,2

This is a test from me doing this new modern technology stuff!!uploading straight from my iphone, Hope it will work! Two pics from the weekend.. Over and out! [...]


blessed summer

R.I.P Steve Jobs! didn’t know the man but i know Apples products and it hurts that the biggest man behind this products left the world to early.   [...]



Helo summer! last week was one of the worst weeks in my hole life! you see last week i was graduated and that means that i will not [...]



Now when the season is pretty much over here i’m trying to be done with all school work that i’ve got, It’s hard but soon it’s over FINALLY! [...]


Whats up?

I’ve been bad at updating the blog for a while now and it’s mostly because I have a lot to do in school and i’ve hurt my heel a little bit so now i’m just cruising around and doing nothing on [...]


Reporting from Suomi

Well well well folks! We are in Sappee, Finland and doing some comps. Today we had the BigAir and it went pretty good for me and the others. [...]

Cbjo, THE continue

Just got this photos from my father, actually i have been looking for it a little bit and here it is (pretty stooked!): Press this link——> SCAN0811_000


Back from Gothenburg, And now i& #8217;m in ARE SWEDEN!

Had this pefect weekend in Gothenburg, funiest road-trip ever, first stop 8848 Altitudes headquarter: Did some pool and “table tennis” but i don’t want to talk about it [...]

This is me last season

Have to learn how to upload a video so this is my “promo” from last season Peace!


I& #8217;m a Coach!

(Here we check the Videos from the first day in the park with the guys from Göteborg) Well this weekend i have been training some skiers from Göteborg, [...]


Today i had the most awsome Pow and chill park shred day with my class this year! The day started with some park in Tandådalen, they have a [...]

Happy new Year!

I just want to wish you all a happy new year and thank 8848 altitude for this year! Now i’m going to grab a beer with my friends [...]

Merry X-mas!

Today i have been up in Kläppen with my team-mates for some fotoshot for 8848 Altitudes next year collection! Had a really great day even if it was [...]

Sad Saturday

So today it’s a competiton in Kläppen one of my local mountains. Unfortunately i’m not there because the guy i was suposed to go up with, the man [...]

Long time..

So i have been away from the blog for a while and this is what i have been up to. Last week nothing special happend, just school and [...]


Hi! Last thursday me and some friends went up to Sälen to go skiing, on the way up we stoped and tried out a tree rail that was [...]

Some cool guys from Woha


Today we had alot of snow in Malung and me and some Friends from the “Woha crew” (check the Biography for more info about them) went out on [...]

skiing in my brain

It’s crazy how much i want to go skiing right now! It’s been two weeks since i came home from Hintertux (Austria), and i was skiing two times [...]

This is a winch

A weekend with a lot of fun!

So here is my first update on the blog and i got a lot to tell you about! all started on thursday with a project we had in [...]

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