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Hello! Today was my first day at work, I have the same job as last year and it’s all about painting small houses and make the grass looks [...]


Hello! I had an amazing week down at marbella. Actually we didn’t do that much and that was pretty nice haha. Just to enjoy the heat and the [...]

The season is over..

Hello guys! Now we have been cleaning out 70% of our apartment and its feels good that it’s not that much left haha, it’s not that fun to [...]

Untz Untz !

Veronica maggio here in Sälen tonight! That’s what’s up! Cheers

Pirate open.

Hey guys. I told you about a competition I were going to compete in. It was called pirate open and made by a few guys from my old [...]

Spring is on!

Hey yo! The spring is on here in sälen, sun and slush is what’s up! It’s so fun to shred at this point in the year. At Saturday [...]


King weekend

Hey! I’m now back in Lima after a nice weekend in Stockholm at my cousins wedding. The night before the wedding the bride called me and said that [...]


Week 9.

Hey ya! Now it’s week 9 and that means sport break for the students and then it’s vasaloppet = lots of people in sälen. I think most of [...]


Valentines day!

Hello all lovers! Today is the day that you have to spend with your girlfriend or boyfriend no matter what. I took the bus home to mora this [...]


Now we had a few great days with a big sun and no wind. But today the weather was bad up at kläppen. It was windy so we [...]


Gordon Ramsey here

Zup ya’ll ! Here is my fantastic dinner that YOU can do in your own kitchen. First you boil pasta, if you have a cool color on your [...]

Early bird

Good morning! It’s early here in Lima, 8am! We don’t use to go up at this time because in this bachelor pad we like to enjoy our beds. [...]


Back in Lima

Me Alex and Jessica arrived late yesterday to Lima and when we went in through the door Linus wasn’t here, he found somewhere else to sleep after a [...]

Takin it easy day.

As you know I were supposed to try my smoking yesterday with dad, but they didn’t had the right size or something so I have to drop in [...]

Suit up!

Hi boys and girls. Went Back home yesterday. My oldest cousin is getting married! Stoked for her and I’m exited for the wedding. Soon my dad will pick [...]


Lindvallen shred!

Hello! Today we were at lindvallen once again. We drove up there pretty late and we stopped at kläppen to see how the park looked like, it’s just [...]


Breakfast time

God morning. Damn I’m tired after last night, we stayed up late and didn’t do anything special, don’t know if it’s worth being tired for. Now I’m going [...]

iPad session with Linus

Hey! Whats up tonight folks? I’m chillin with Linus here at the kitchen table with our ipads, I got mine a few weeks ago and i’m so stoked [...]

I got internet!

Hey guys, sorry about my really bad update latley. As you might know I live a few miles from Sälen now on with my friends Alexander and Linus. [...]

about to moooove!

Whaaaduuup?! A few days ago I fixed a apartment in Lima (10km from Kläppen) together with Linus and our friend Alexander. It is a pretty big and good [...]


This is Thailand

Hellllooo! Here are some pictures from Thailand, a picture says more than a a thousand words. So I guess I don’t have to write that much? CIAO!   [...]

2011-11-05 20.49.18 - Hagrid1

Back in sweden

Hey guys! Arrived to Arlanda airport in Stockholm  a few days ago, then we headed up to Uppsala and enjoyed a killer breakfast made by my sister! Then [...]


Thailand drop in.

Hey folks! Just packed my swimming shorts and tank tops because tomorrow I leave this autumn in Sweden and flying over to Thailand instead. Feels great to go [...]

A thought to the greatest apple, highest up in the tree.

Today we lost a genius, the man who created Apple. He has helped millions of people with his apple products, these products that many of us use daily. [...]

I& #8217;m back @ the blog.

Hey guys! Sorry for my reeeeal bad updates. Have been the worst writer of all times this summer. I can describe my summer in one perfect word: WORK! [...]



That’s right! Yesterday I had my first prom ever. And lucky as I am I’m going on 2 proms. The first one was yesterday in Mora, I went [...]


I guess you all have heard that very intelligent old man who says that the world has come to the end. The end is here in about 23 [...]


End of this season

Hellooooooooooo! I have now realized that this season has come to the end. Feels kind of weird as every year at the ending because I take for granted [...]

Bunnies and eggs.

Hey folks! Right now I’m chillin back at Orsa, feels great to be home! I don’t have time to write much more for the moment but I just [...]


Non important update!

I just wanted to try if I could write on my blog through my phone, and I could! Today I was in Kläppen in a few hours but [...]

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