Teamrider Blogs: Reine Barkered




So after the first two event less month of the summer i actually got something to write about. Sitting in a house in Kings beach Lake Tahoe, sunny with temperatures around 28C. I flew in to San Fransisco 3 days ago where Jackie meet me, stayed one day in the city sightseeing, San Fransisco is a very beautiful but foggy city, got some shopping done and  a brand new very adult haircut.

San Fransisco

After that we took the car on the scenic route down to Santa Cruz where we stayed over night, on the way we stopped at the Mavericks surf spot but unfortunately it wasn’t going of. In Santa Cruz we went to the boardwalk amusement park where i couldn’t resist a deep fried Twinkie, Ill tell you, that was to sweet even for me. Santa Cruz seemed to be a very cool place but the temperatures varies more than i expected, Thats the west cost, cooler and varied climate by the sea and extremely hot just a little bit inland.

On the road to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz boardwalk

Deep fried Twinkie

Now it is time for a round of golf with my new roommates!

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