Teamrider Blogs: Reine Barkered


Fieberbrunn and Röldal riders judging

Reine Barkered (SWE)

The comp in Fieberbrunn was once again one of the best stops, not only because of a podium finish but also the crowd, snow and sun. Venue was amazingly good. Lucky that we got the comp of in time, the next days it got really warm and destroyed all the good snow.

I wasen´t completely happy with my run but i had a late bib and the bottom of the venue was not as i expected so i had to improvise the bottom which i didn’t think went that well but apparently more riders were struggling there. Oh well, 3rd place there moved me up to 3rd overall going into Verbier


The coming back from Röldal where we had some discussion about Judging, a workshop between riders and judges. We went about it by replaying the Röldal lines using only the long lens footage from a fixed position and the riders got score sheets to fill in. Here are the Riders Results.

Didn’t expect to come out on top even though it is a great confirmation from my fellow riders. Most important is that we looked at examples and guided the judges in the direction the riders want to see the sport progress. A great step forward and all the riders and judges feels like we are on the same page now. Hanging out in Chamonix now waiting for a day of filming with Dynastar, the alps are extremely warm right now so we will see how it goes.

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