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So, I´ve been living in Åre my whole life but i have somehow never managed to go all the way up to Sylarna so when Jackie really wanted to go for a ski tour i thought it was about time.

The plan was to wait for a good weather window, which in the part of Sweden can be pretty hard to find and then to head into Sylarna. After talking to some friends we decided we would take advantage of the Mountain Express for our trip to the Mountain station. It’s a 16km trip from the trail head at Storluvan and since we were more interested in skiing lines we figured this would get us to the mountains a lot faster.


Once we arrived after the hour long trip on the Mountain Express we found ourselves at the Sylarnas Mountain station that is sun by the Natianal tourism services (Svenska turist föreningen STF ). It is equipped with everything you need and more. It was basically a nice hostel in the middle of the mountains! There’s a sauna, showers, electricity, kitchens and a store to buy anything you might need.  After a full day out in the mountains the Mountain station was an nice place to come back and relax in.

When we first got to the station the weather had come in and visibility was pretty poor. We decided to take a quick trip up Herrklumpen, which is about a 20-30 minute skin right from the front door. We were hoping we might get lucky and have a clearing by the time we got to the top. That was not the case, visibility was still horrible so we decided to just follow our tracks back down to the station.

In the lodge we ran into one of the staff members who was more than happy to share his ski touring knowledge of the area. Erik gave us some good ideas for the following days when the weather was better. By the end of our discussion we all noticed that the weather had cleared and it was absolutely beautiful outside. Erik offered to take us on a quick trip along with Seth another staff member. We headed up through the fresh powder to a run knowns as “Martin’s Run” named after a staff member from earlier on. Plans changed as we got to the last push, we decided that there may be some risk of avalanche and that there was no safe way to reach the top from our initial route. We decided to change our plans and head to another ridge that we decided would be a lot safer.


The second day we woke up and were excited to see that is was a sunny day! Our plan was to then head up to Lillsylen and make our decision of where to ski down once we reached the top. After about 3 hours we casually made our way to the top. The weather had started to move in again and the visibility was in and out at the very top. We checked out a few areas that looked like fun but then decided to head to Slottet  to check out a few areas we had noticed. The first one required a repel into the shoot and the second area had pretty bad snow. We decided to take a pretty mellow run and get some good snow instead of working our way down sun baked snow.


We awoke and there was no visibility and strong winds, our plans to head to the Temple had been postponed. We decided to stay an additional night and hope for better weather the following day. We played a lot of card games and drank a lot of coffee and tea that day. We kept a close eye on the weather hoping that we might be able to get out at least for a quick trip. It wasn’t until maybe 6pm that the weather did clear. We decided to head back up Herrklumpen and try a new route since this time we could actually see. It was such a great ending to the day to be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunset. When we arrived back at the Station there was a Reggae band setting up to play for the Mountain Festival that had just started that day. Partiet was the name of the band and even though it was all in Swedish it was still pretty enjoyable. It was also a special treat since one of the staff members that had helped us out with some routes was Erik Ottosson who used to play in the band I’m From Barcelona joined in and played along with Partiet!


When we woke up our final day it looked like the Temple run was not going to happen. Visibility was pretty bad and we thought maybe we would just head home. We ate some breakfast and where pleasantly surprised to see that the weather had cleared and it was looking like the Temple shoot would finally happen today! Seth, who had joined us a few days ago came along for the trip. It took about an hour to get to the base of the mountain and as we started the trip up to the Temple shoot. Of course as we got closer and closer to the top the visibility got bad again. The moutain was sitting in a cloud just at the top, where we wanted to go. We decided to keep on heading up because the rocks on either side of the shoot helped with the visibility. After boot packing our way up to the top for about an hour we had made it! The snow was actually quite good on the way down. This was probably one of the few areas that had not been affected by the sun or the wind from the previous day. We cruised down the Temple shoot to the H Couloir  and then headed back to the Sylarna Mountain station just in time to take the Mountain Express back to the trail head!

We had a great trip to Sylarna and I know i have to go back for some more.

Thanks MFD for taking me out in my own backyard

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