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WSI 2012, 1st and 7th

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Last week I was in Canada for my first time. I was there to compete in the Word Ski Invitational 2012 in Whistler! I went there and stayed with my old classmate Julius Aspman and his friends and it was a really great week with good food, watching Canucks hockeygames and a lot of skiing/competing.

There was 2 comps. On friday I competed in Slopestyle, it didn’t go to well for me and I finished on 7th place with a run that I wasn’t satisfied with…
I reloaded my energy and on saturday it was time for the Big Air comp. The weather wasn’t to good on saturday night and just as the girls finals was starting, it started raining/coming in really bad weather. So that made the jump really hard to clear for us as we are pretty light compared to the boys. I landed my 2nd run, did a 360 japan and that trick took me all the way to the top and gave me the 1st place for the night.

Super stoked about winning my first competition this year, but felt a little weird to make it with a 360!? If you want to hear an interview with me (in swedish) when I explain the conditions, check it out here! - Intervju med Emma efter första platsen 

Me on the first rail in the Slopestyle course. Photo: Hilla Aspman

The awesome Swede’s that I stayed with made me this banner, felt great to have some support from you home country! Maybe it was the thing that made me win on Saturday!? Photo: Julius Aspman

I was happy but confused/surprised that I won the Big Air on saturday night! Photo: Julius Aspman

Eveline Bhend from Schweiz took the 2nd place, also with a 360. Fun to represent Europe a little bit! Photo: Julius Aspman

Now my season is finished and I won’t be skiing until august… To sad, but, I’m kind of stoked for summer so there is always something to look forward to!

Take care out there folks, Cheers

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