Teamrider Blogs: Olle Eriksson



I had an amazing week down at marbella. Actually we didn’t do that much and that was pretty nice haha. Just to enjoy the heat and the good food and of course all the gin&tonic sessions at the balcony. The first thing I did when we arrived to malagas airport was to loose my driving license and my MasterCard.. I felt that they were gone when we was in the cab up to our place, and that was like 1,5 hours from where is lost them so I was kind of pissed off at that moment. But now I have new cards so it’s all good!
We had sun and bluebird every day so it was hot in the sun but icecold in the pool, but I forced myself in to it (hardcore!!!). I did get a tan that I was proud of but unfortenly I’m becoming white now again in Sweden, but the nice weather is comming!

Today I followed Jessica to here school for a DANCE lesson!! Prom is in about 1,5 week so Jessica’s school (and I) thought that we needed that lesson, now I will dance like John Travolta in Pulpfiction -best dance ever!

Hasta la vista!!

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