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Impvax - Blanc

Impregnating wax for textiles, made of stearin, beeswax and linseed oil that makes fabrics and clothes water-repellent – perfect for strengthening waxed garments.Mehr erfahren
12,95 €
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Impvax is an impregnating wax for textiles, made from stearin, beeswax and linseed oil. The wax in Impvax is eco-labeled with "Svanen" and the beeswax comes from bees in Pålsboda, Sweden. The bees are allowed to build their own wax and spend the winter mostly on their own honey. The linseed oil comes from Swedish flowers and is manufactured in Ystad, Sweden, by Allbäck linseed oil products, where it has been purified in a secret way. All ingredients are renewable, easily degradable and harmless. Each package is sewn from recycled cotton fabric, dyed with tea.

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