What makes Germany´s top freeride skier return to the Swedish woods for the third year in a row? Meet 8848 Altitude teamrider Felix Wiemers for a chat about the special feeling of mountainbike racing in Sweden – and keeping fit and motivated during the summer period. Let´s roll!

– Hi Felix! Back in Sweden again, what´s the plan?

– I plan to go to Ludvika for Finnmarksturen to do my third mountainbike marathon in Sweden. I will be traveling by car and bring my windsurf gear as well. I hope it will be some wind to have fun on the water, too. Last year I had the chance to go surfing in Varberg. It was better than I ever expected, really good windsurf conditions in Sweden! After the Finnmarksturen race I will stay a while in Sweden and go sailing around Mollösund on the west coast.

– And back for another race in the Mitsubishi MTB Challenge?

– Yeah, I had my first MTB marathon ever two years ago, Västgötaloppet. It was horrible in the end! Last year when riding Bockstensturen I was much better prepared and had lots of fun. Let’s see what happens this time! These races in summer are big fun and a great way to get in shape for the upcoming season on the snow.

– What do you know about Finnmarksturen?

– The course profile looks really nice and I saw that there are some music bands playing for the racers along the course. It seems to be a real classic mountainbike competition, held since 1991. I am looking forward to a special atmosphere of racing!

– How has your biking season been so far?

– I have been in the Alps with my brother to do some longer day trips with lots of climbing and nice descents. When I am back at home in the middle of Germany I try to bike every day, because it’s fun and keeps me fit and in a good mood. But the last weeks I have been focusing a lot on windsurfing as well, so I guess I am not in the same shape like last season. We will find out how my race form will be.

– What´s special about biking in Sweden in comparison to the Alps or mid Germany where you live?

– The climbs in Sweden are not that long. But the marathon race courses with many short climbs with good speed are really exhausting. And I have had the pleasure to find many very good trails in Sweden during the races, so it is always great fun to compete.

– Besides biking, how do you keep fit during summer and fall?

– I am still competing in gymnastics, this helps me to be in shape. This year I also have been trying to level up my windsurfing game and it has been working out really good. I have been a lot in the water and things are getting better and better.

– You recently got confirmed your spot for skiing in the Freeride World Tour 2018, how does it feel?

– This will be my fifth year on the tour and I am really motivated after a hard season with an injury. I am really looking forward to another year competing with the best riders in the world.

– And when are you back on skis?

– As soon as there is snow coming this fall, I will be on my skis. First, I will be biking the rest of the summer and in the end of September the season on the glaciers starts. The first stop of the Freeride World Tour will be in the end of January. As always in the middle of summer I am already really looking forward to winter. Let it snow soon!

– Finally, your expectations and preparations for Finnmarksturen?

– As I mentioned, I am not in the very best shape for bike racing, but I will try to give my best. As I learned from previous races it’s very important to get a good pace – and eat and drink enough. But most important will be to have a good time and show my body one more time I can make a long distance as fast as possible. I love the feeling of crossing the finish line!

–Thanks, Felix! Good luck and see you in Ludvika!


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