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Updated 2023-04-20  

It is important for us at 8848 Altitude to create a safe and enjoyable experience for you. We want to inform you about how our site is working, what we do, how we do it and how it can affect you.

Personal data 

8848 Altitude AB (“8848”, “we”, “us”) is the responsible entity (data controller) for the processing of your personal data as described in this privacy policy. We care about our customers and their privacy and undertake to respect and protect your personal data and privacy in accordance with applicable laws, industry rules and other related standards. In order to help you understand the way in which we collect and use your personal information, we have listed below our core privacy values when it comes to processing your personal data.

You may always reach out to us on matters of privacy and data protection by contacting us at

Data collection 

It is important to us that you are aware of what information we collect about you and how it is collected. 8848 Altitude may collect personal information about you in two ways, 1) when you directly provide us with information about yourself about your use of our website (“Website”) and 2) through our cookies.

How we use and share information 

8848 Altitude uses the information we or our collaboration partners collect as follows:  

– To register you as a customer (where applicable). 

– To provide you with information, products you request and purchase, and enable billing and shipping. 

– To optimise your visit to our Website, improve your overall experience and provide a better service. For example, by personalising the content to meet your specific needs through the use of Google Analytics and AdWords. 

– To process job applications (where applicable). 

– For marketing purposes (where applicable) such as various promotions via direct marketing. Also to review companies such as Lipscore. 

– To communicate with you, including to provide customer service; to send service-related messages such as notifications, confirmations, and updates; and to send promotional messages. When required by law, we obtain your consent before sending you promotional messages. You may opt out of receiving promotional messages as described above.

Where we process the data 

We do our utmost to only process your personal data within the EU/EES, where the common data protection regulation applies. All our own systems are here and this also applies to our partner for order management. However, some tasks can still be handled outside the EU/EES borders by some of our partners. In those cases, the partner has by agreement ensured that all processing takes place in accordance with the security requirements set out in the data protection ordinance. We work continuously to select partners who also value keeping your information within the EU/EES.

Sharing of information 

8848 Altitude will not, without your consent, pass on any information about you to any third party unless required by law to do so, or unless it is necessary relating to a product you have requested or purchased from us.


8848 Altitude makes every effort to ensure that all data we process is accurate. This does of course also apply to any personal information we process. If any information should prove to be incorrect, we will correct it immediately. You are entitled to review and verify all information we have on file about you by requesting a transcript of your record (free of charge). You also have the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete information about yourself and to a certain extent request the deletion of your personal data (“right to be forgotten”). However, please be aware that certain legal obligations may prevent us from immediately deleting parts of your personal data. Obligations under e.g. accounting requirements, tax-, anti-money laundering and consumer rights laws may require that we keep certain parts of your personal data. In such cases we will make sure to block all data from being used for any other purposes than meeting such legal requirements.

If you wish to request a transcript, rectification and erasure or have any other questions relating to the way we process personal data, please contact us at

Use restrictions 

You understand and are aware that all of the information, text, photos, images, video, graphics, or other material appearing on this website (referred to collectively as “Content”) is owned by 8848 Altitude. You are expressly prohibited from using any Content without express written permission from 8848 Altitude. None of the content may be reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, or copied by any other means, without prior written permission from 8848 Altitude.


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